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We provide modern software for business needs and integrate it!

Our world is diverse and technology and data as well. It is not necessary to switch from one solution to another due to lower work comfort or missing functions, as it is possible to add new features using tools from other manufacturers.

This avoids painful migration and can replace it with integration.
It is very effective to combine the classic information tools that you have tuned over the years with the modern ones that you want to use for your further development. With this approach you can expand your corporate information system in any area of your activities…

Integrate corporate systems with innovative applications!

Applications that can extend your corporate information system:


Automation and simplification of accounting processes. FINMATICS revolutionizes the processing of your invoices using artificial intelligence. The technology reads the content of invoices and other documents, adds accounting contacts and saves for posting. It provides documents for approval and archiving in digital form.

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M-Files is a reliable and secure document management system. Provides robust document management for any business. Integration with the enterprise system provides the interconnection of documents with company data, as well as tools for automating workflows such as approval or management.

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Mobile Service provides mobile access to company data and provides tools for the electronic creation and signing of service sheets and their sending. It uses the ERPIO One integration platform for connection to the company’s information system.

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CORPIS Analytical Maps

Corpis Maps is a configurable analytical map platform for analyzing business data. It is fully configurable and integratable with most ERP and CRM applications. The connector ensures not only aggregation and data transfer, but also the addition of geolocation data.

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Pocket Reporting

With easy operation, quick commissioning and visionary preferences, Pocket Reporting is one of the best Business Intelligence solutions provided as a service. The pre-set data pump allows fast integration with your accounting.

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An integration platform with which you can connect corporate applications and thus expand the capabilities of your corporate system. You can manage data transfer between individual company data sources via a web or mobile application.

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