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We will be pleased if you give us your suggestions or ideas for integrating business applications. We welcome companies and individuals who see a sense of integration and want to work together to develop new or implement exciting solutions.

ERPIO is a project

ERPIO is a project that aims to create an environment and tools for the implementation of a distributed information system that will be able to include solutions from various business application manufacturers.

ERPIO is a project that aims to greatly simplify data connections between applications by unifying definitions for data exchange and allowing re-use of already created definitions.

We started the ERPIO project in the autumn of 2017 and now we can demonstrate the first practical implementation. However, this is not the end, but the beginning, the beginning of further development based on cooperation with partners.

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ERPIO is also a company

ERPIO s.r.o. (Czech republic)

Svatopetrská 35/7
617 00 Brno

Phone: +420 774 020 359

VAT No.: CZ05769329

ERPIO s.r.o. (Slovakia)

Stará Vajnorská 37
831 04 Nové Mesto

Phone: +421 905 393 747