ERPIO app - mobile application

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ERPIO App is a blank mobile application where, without programming, you can create the functionality needed to perform tasks on the go, for yourself or your co-workers. In a mobile app, you can show, edit, or create corporate data over one or more business applications. With mobile app, you can track user activity and current statuses of key business metrics.

The mobile application can be linked to a corporate information system (ERP), business application (CRM), attendance system, warehouse application (WMS) or document management system (DMS).

When viewing, editing, or entering business data on a mobile device, it is also possible to use the applications provided by the operating system of that mobile device. This increases simplicity and friendliness, because it can be used in the same applications as in private activities.

ERPIO App works in conjunction with ERPIO One Communication Platform.

ERPIO One Communication Platform helps you create and manage a distributed information system. It consists of GateWay communication gateway, middleware configuration environment, and mobile ERPIO business application. ERPIO One is a versatile environment for reading and writing any data source data and customizing it for use in external applications and mobile devices.